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Join The Team

By becoming an official partner you will benefit from more than just branding space on the race car and tickets to race weekends. Our aim is to provide the best possible experience to our partners on and off the race track.


We only work with the finest race teams that provide David with a car capable of winning races and ultimately the championship along with a professional outfit that can offer our partners a top level service.


Along with the racing team is David’s manager, Dennis Rushen, who have been working together since 2010 and his specialities lie in his wealth of knowledge and most importantly contacts in the motorsport world as well as out of it. Dennis has worked with some of the greatest names in motorsport from Ayrton Senna to Bernie Ecclestone.


David, the race team and Dennis are a highly professional and presentable mix who can offer real value to your marketing and promotional targets. We have a large group of contacts that we can offer to our partners. In addition we work closely with our partners to best understand their aims and how best, as a team, we can help them achieve these.


Our partners are much more than just ‘sponsors’ they are part of our race team and we aim to deliver the maximum return on their investment as we progress up the motorsport ladder together.


We offer a range of packages which can be found on the following page, they are designed as an example as we can tailor a bespoke package to best suit your particular needs.


Please get in touch with us if you require any more information or would like to discuss this opportunity further.


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